Open Access E-Book Databases
Publication Access Url Subject Coverage
American Institute of Mathematics Open Textbook Initiative The American Institute of Mathematics (AIM) maintains a list of open source and open access mathematics textbooks that have met the AIM Editorial Board’s evaluation criteria and are suitable for use in traditional university courses.
Alex Catalogue of Electronic texts American Literature, English Literature, Western Philosophy.
BCcampus Open Textbooks Collection The BC Open Textbook Project was first announced in October 2012 by the British Columbia Minister of Advanced Education. BCcampus has created a collection of open textbooks targeting high-enrollment subject areas, such as the arts, sciences, social sciences, and business studies, as well as trades and skills training. In total, the BC Open Textbook Collection contains over 70 openly licensed textbooks.
Bibliomania Novels on Fiction, Drama,Poetry, Short Stories, Reference Books, Dictionaries.
Bookboon Accounting, Career & Study advice, Economics & Finance, Engineering, IT & Programming, Languages, Marketing & Law, Natural Sciences, Statistics & Mathematics, Strategy & Management, Business, Accounting & Finance, Career management, Communication & Presentation, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, IT Management, Job search & CV, Management & Strategy, Marketing & Sales, Office Programs & Software, Personal Development, .
Codesria Textbooks Series Book Series Africa in the New Millennium Series Gender Series African Future Series Interventions Series State of the Art Series & New Path Series.
College Open Textbooks The College Open Textbooks is a collaborative collection of peer reviewed open textbooks.
DOAB: Directory of Open Access Books Agriculture and Food Sciences, Arts and Architecture, Biology and Life Sciences, Business and Economics, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Sciences, General Works, Health, Sciences, History and Archaeology, Languages and Literatures, Law and Political, Science, Mathematics and Statistics, Philosophy and Religion, Physics and Astronomy, Science General Social Sciences, Technology and Engineering .
Europeana European Art Sound and Images. Libraries Ethics, Agriculture, Business, Education, Geography, Health, History, Literature, Philosophy, Religion.
Green Tea Press Green Tea Press offers free textbooks developed by Allen Downey, a Professor of Computer Science at Olin College in Needham, MA. His textbooks, such as Think Python, Think Bayes, and Think Stats are generally related to computer science and data science. All of the textbooks are available under free licenses that allow readers to copy and distribute the texts, as well as modify them in order to adapt the books to different needs.
InTech Open Access Books InTech is the publisher of one of the largest open access collection of books in the world, featuring contributors from 3,143 research institutions and 152 countries. With more than 2,500 open access books published and over 82 million downloads to date, InTech makes research visible and available to international scholarly communities in the fields of science, humanities, technology and medicine.
International Development Research Centre (IDRC) eBooks Agriculture, Food & Health, Environment, Climate, Resource Mobilisation.
Internet Archive Diplomatic ,Foreign policy , Diplomatic Cables,Diplomacy, Foreign relations ,U.S. Patents ERIC Archive, Comic Chelsea Manning Cablegate, Bradley Manning, Manning.
Knowledge Unlatched DA collection of scholarly, peer-reviewed books in the humanities and social sciences made openly available via the KU website, and in OCLC, the HathiTrust. and OAPEN. The pilot consists of 28 titles published using a new financial model in which libraries and publishers worldwide join in making these works freely available to read, download, and further distribute. Note the Creative Commons license assigned by the author/editor to his/her work for specifics on what you can do with the content. More titles will be added annually.
OAPEN Library The OAPEN Foundation is a non-profit foundation dedicated to open access publishing of academic books. OAPEN provides a platform for the full text dissemination of open access books and provides services to publishers and libraries. OAPEN currently offers a quality controlled collection of freely accessible academic books, mainly in the area of humanities and social sciences.
OpenStax OpenStax provides peer-reviewed textbooks in a growing range of subject areas such as Math (Statistics), Social Science (Principles of Economics, Principles of Macro-economics, Principles of Micro-economics), Humanities (History) etc. These textbooks are available in various e-text formats, including interactive iBook, PDF, web view, EPUB and Bookshare.
Open SUNY Textbooks Open SUNY Textbooks is an open access textbook publishing initiative established by State University of New York libraries and supported by SUNY Innovative Instruction Technology Grants. Participating libraries in the 2012-2013 pilot included SUNY Geneseo, College at Brockport, College of Environmental Science and Forestry, SUNY Fredonia, Upstate Medical University, and University at Buffalo, with support from other SUNY libraries and SUNY Press. Open SUNY Textbooks currently offers 22 textbooks on topics such as nursing, sciences, mathematics, and literature.
Open Text Book Library Accounting & Finance, Business, Management & Marketing, Computer Science & Information Systems, Economics, Foreign Languages, General Education, Humanities, Mathematics & Statistics, Natural & Physical Sciences, Social Sciences.
Orange Grove Texts Plus Orange Grove Texts Plus (OGT+) is a joint initiative of the University Press of Florida and The Orange Grove, Florida’s Digital Repository. The goal of this partnership is to reduce the cost of books to students by offering texts that are affordable, accessible, and adaptable to reader preferences. The OGT+ collection features over 100 textbooks covering a wide range of disciplines available for instant PDF download.
Oxford Text Archive The Different linguistic collection in : English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Arabic, Latin, Handwritten English, Dutch.
Page by Page Books Classic Novels.
Project Bartleby Novels on Fiction, Drama,Poetry, Short Stories, Reference Books, Dictionaries.
Project Gutenberg Animal,Children's Bookshelf, Classics Bookshelf, Countries Bookshelf, Crime Bookshelf, Education Bookshelf, Fiction Bookshelf, Fine arts Bookshelf, General Works Bookshelf, Geography Bookshelf, History Bookshelf, Language and Literature Bookshel,Law Bookshelf, Music Bookshelf, Periodicals Bookshel, Psychology and Philosophy, Bookshelf, Religion Bookshelf, Science Bookshelf, Social Sciences Bookshelf, Technology Bookshelf.
Sharing the Word A comprehensive database of freely accessible electronic resources in theology and philosophy for the use of seminarians, clergy, pastoral workers, laity and other enquirers to provide access to the riches of Catholic faith, life and culture. The ELibrary contains over 7500 resources i.e. books, articles, theses, church documents, podcasts, etc. Each item in the catalogue provides access to the full text of the document (book, article, etc.), which can be read on screen (including tablets and mobile phones), downloaded, printed, etc.
The Open Textbooks Arts and Humanities, Business, Science and Engineering, Information Technology, Social Science, Education and others.
Universal Library Diverse books and collections of Journal and Research material
UNESDOC Digital Library In education, natural sciences, social sciences and humanities, culture, and communication and information), with more than 350,000 documents dating back to 1945. It includes the collections of the UNESCO Library and several documentation centers in UNESCO's Field Offices and Institutes, as well as the UNESCO Archives.