Library Services


All eligible users can borrow items using their current Student/Staff ID Card

  • Ordinary books can be borrowed for short terms up to 14 days(2 weeks).
  • Books on the reserved shelf and periodicals may be borrowed for one day short term loan and are to be returned the following day.

Overdue books.items are charged a $1 per day.

  1. It is mandatory for each student to register with the library in order to borrow books.
    A valid CUZ identity Card or confirmation letter from the registry must be produced before one's account is activated.
  2. A valid CUZ identity Card must be presented to the Library staff at the Circulation counter when borrowing items. I.D Cards shall be for the exclusive use of the owner only and should not be swapped among friends. NO ID - No SERVICE!
  3. Are entitled to four (4) books at a time inclusive of one (1) from the reserve section.
  4. The loan period for each ordinary issue shall be two weeks (14 days).
  5. Books on reserve shall be loaned for one (1) day.
  6. Books may be renewed up to two (2) times as the library does not have adequate stock for students.
  7. Reserve items can be borrowed for overnight after three (3pm) and returned the folloeing day at 0900hrs. Reserve books to be borrowed for the weekend shall be borrowed on Friday after 3pm and returned on Monday at 0900hrs.
  8. Borrowers must observe the hours of issue/return of Reserve items in accordance with the approved overnight and weekend loan periods.
  9. Reserve items in great demand shall be restricted to one hour loan.
  10. Fines for overdue Reserve items are charged per hour.
  11. Upon return, every library book lent to student and staff shall be inspected and any damage or loss shall be made good in terms of the library Regulations.
  12. Members relinquishing use of the library must return all outstanding materials and pay fines if any beforehand and obtain Library clearance.
  13. All students shall be required to acquaint themselves with penalties likely to be imposed for infringement of library rules.
  14. All books may be subject to recall by The Librarian.

Members of teaching and researching staff shall be entitled to borrow a total of five books.

  1. Borrowed materials shall be returned by the end of one month loan period.
  2. Loan items no longer required shall be returned to the library immediately notwithstanding the loan period.
  3. Loans may be renewed once after the initial period. Applications for renewal shall be made personally by presenting the items in question to library staff.
  4. All books may be subject to recall by The Librarian.
  5. Overdue loans shall be subject to a fine to be determined from the time to time by the Librarian in consultation with the Library committee.

  1. Members of the Administrative staff shall be entitled to borrow five (5) items. Each item shall be issued for a period of one month. No renewals.
  2. Administrative staff loans shall be subject to borrowing rules and regulations for students as stated above.
* Staff, that is, administrative, technical and academic who fail to return borrowed items at the end of the initial loan/ renewal period shall be debited from the salaries the full replacement value of the unreturned item plus processing fee.

Spouses of Academic, Administrative and Technical Staff are allowed to register with the Library and are allowed to borrow two books for a period of fourteen days.

**** All library Rules and regulations do apply to this category of users.

Accessing E-Resources

To access E-resources, click our E-RESOURCES tab to Use either Our Subcription Databases, Open Access E-book Databases or Open Access Journal Databases.

Ebsco Discovery Service
This is a one point search tool!. You can Search for all the e-resources, subscribed to by CUZ using Ebscohost.

For access off Campus, please visit the library to get the credentials.

If you need any assistance you can as well visit the library and get help from any Library staff member.

Introduction to Mendeley

What is Mendeley?

Mendeley is a free reference manager that helps you keep references and literature for your research organized. You can:

  • Create and manage citations of books, articles, and more
  • Import citations from online resources and publishers websites
  • Automatically extract metadata from imported PDFs
  • Collaborate with other researchers online
  • Highlight and annotate papers and share those notes with others

Because you have a desktop version and an online version that synchronize you can always work anywhere, from any device and have your library up to date. 2GB of online storage is available.

Go to and register

Printing, Photocopying and Binding

The Library offers printing and photocopying services for Students and Staff.
To use this service please visit the Library. Charges for a copy are 0.10c for both printing and photocopying.

We also offer binding services for Students and Staff which include Spiral Binding.
To use this service please visit the Library.

Library Computers

We offer ICT services such as;

  • ICT equipment, software and networks for use by registered staff and students of the Catholic University of Zimbabwe
  • Access to the Internet and online resources via PC’s installed in the library or campus wireless network
  • Online Public Access Catalogue

To ensure fair and proper use of the library’s ICT resources, users must adhere to the following:

Download the ICT Policy To understand more.